Setting up Browser Link

By: Will

Setting up our Steam browser link is easy!

Before we start, we recommend using either the Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers.

Simply go to on your phone and your PC that has Steam installed. On your PC, click the "Create New" button. Copy the link code provided and type in either your Steam custom URL or your Steam ID.

If you do not have a Steam custom URL, the easiest way to find your Steam ID is to log in to and view your profile. The URL for your profile should be displayed in your browser URL bar, and it should look like "". The numbers after the last / are your Steam ID.

If you'd like to set up a Steam custom URL to make this process easier in the future. Log in to your Steam account on and view your profile. Once on your profile choose the option to "edit profile" then scroll down until you find the option for "Custom URL". Type in your custom URL and save your profile.
You will be able to use this instead of your Steam ID from now on.

After you've received your link code, hit "Go". You'll be sent to a page asking you to select the device you're using. Since, at this point, you should be on your PC, you would choose "Receiving". A new window should open up. This window should remain "on top" when not in a game. Your browser may put the window to "sleep" if it is not "on top".
Note: Your browser may ask if you are sure you want to open Steam, to avoid this in the future check the option to always allow. On certain browsers such as Safari, the always allow option is not avaiable.

On your phone, you will click the "Returning" button and type in the link code you received from your PC, and click "Go". You should now be on a page asking what device you're using. Choose the "Sending" option.

From here, you can now simply tap on the game you want to play, and it will launch the game on your PC!

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