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You should be making use of a database for your website!
Most websites today are not simply static pages of content; yours shouldn't be either. If you're using WordPress or another site builder software, you're already making use of a database. If you're building your site yourself, it's time to start using a database.

There are a few different types of databases available to you. We'll be referencing MySQL in this article.

So what can you use a database for? The answer is just about anything. From incorporating a comment section to managing the pages of your website, there isn't much a database can't help you do. Letting a database hold your site's pages can allow for future upgrades to your site, such as making pages searchable.

If you are already working on web development and learning to code, the obvious next step is to learn how to integrate and manage a database to use in your current and future projects.

With the help of a database, not only will you build a better site, it will expand your knowledge of what's possible. Help you to create and develop unique websites and allow you to interact with your audience. The best part is that it's not nearly as complicated as you might think!

To get started, you'll want to learn the basics of SQL. SQL translates to the statements you make to the database to complete an action. Beginning to learn SQL, you need to look into these basic statements that are used the most, they are:

We'll go over a quick overview of each. SELECT is used to query the database and find a specific row or set of rows that fit the criteria and deliver it back to you. INSERT INTO is used to insert information into the database. DELETE is used to delete data from the database. UPDATE is used to update a specific row or set of rows.

With the ability to add, pull and modify data within your database you will have the basic skills you need to create most of your ideas. For example you can use the INSERT INTO statement to create a form that allows users to leave a comment on your website. Then you can use the SELECT statement to show it to your audience. Some comments may need to be removed. Use the DELETE statement to remove these.

There is so much more you can use a database for in web development. This is only the beginning. If you're looking to do some quick practice, you can try out our free web hosting at You'll have access to a MySQL database where you can use PHP to practice.

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